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Welcome to EBH.  The platform of EBH was developed so you could empower yourself, and have an avenue of higher consciousness thinking.  We all need to have an outlet for intelligent thinking and hopefully, you will find it here.  Being a responsible higher mind human, requires a vast array of knowledge in many subjects and answers to what we instinctively know is occurring around us.   At EBH we strive to enlighten you with the nurturing ideas and concepts about an evolving consciousness planet.   The only fear you will experience here, is the fear of not knowing the truth!


Must watch on why the DC folks want WW3:  Link!

New “News” from Julian Assange, October 16, 2016


Great Trump video speaking the truth:  Link!

Anonymous Strikes Again:


Aaron Russo, one of the best interviews of all time!




Our Chat Room is open so you can share thoughts, questions, and words of wisdom.  This is for our community of like minded people that are wanting to be a part of our VIP Membership.  This helps us to bring more quality and services to you.  We are working together to create a community for our future.  Thanks and Enjoy our new world!. The Golden Age is here!

After many years of research, I have developed a keen sense of knowing what is the truth and what is fiction.  I am able to connect the dots of current situations about governments, wars, medicine, economics, consciousness, history, ufo’s, galactic, and technology; are an example of some of the topics I will be covering.  There is so much happening in our world today.  I thought it would be nice to have a one place shop, where you could get a plethora of information on many subjects.  This site is not for those that are still engaged in the 3D matrix.  Warning:  we are breaking the glass ceiling here and striving for a more evolved race of humans.  Thinking out of the box is a requirement.

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Knowledge is power, is what the great ones have taught us.  The more we learn, the better we can manifest a world of peace, prosperity and spiritual wisdom.  As an observer, we need to come together as a group collective and design the world we do want.  Now that we are empowered to be co-creators, we as a collective need to start rebuilding our world the way we want for all future generations.

You do not have to “believe” or “subscribe” to everything on this site.  You pick and choose what works for you. There is no pressure or bullying that states, “you must believe like me”.  That is detrimental since we are all at different levels of “knowing” and we all have a soul origin that is unique from others.  Therefore, you need to go within and find your own personal ascension path.  In here, I will be sharing stories, books, articles, documentaries and anything else that reveals “truths”.  EBH wants to empower you to create the world you want and enlighten you to the many options available.  No victims here.  You are in control of what you want to believe, apply, or not.  It’s your reality.

If you would like to be aware and have knowledge about our world, the ascension process, or George’s involvement; please subscribe. The articles with supporting evidence is a small fee of $10.00 a month.

EBH will save you time and money trying to figure this labyrinth out on your own.  Plus, no annoying advertisements to wade through!

Special Note:  *  Weekly, George is teaching me and Ray new things.  I have included these antidotes, as well  as, his daily missions and updates on our progress towards Galactic freedom.  I am sure you will find these articles very helpful and fascinating.  *


Special Note:  *Since this is intellectual property, unless you are victimized, there are no refunds.  Seriously consider if you are willing to offer me 10.00 a month, in exchange for the mega information you will receive only here!  This should be a win-win relationship.  If unhappy, all you do is cancel your membership through PayPal.    Want to come back, sign up again.  It’s that easy.  =)

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Things are really starting to kick up a notch.  We will be covering the latest changes and learning what is coming next for the Terran Humans.  Want to continue learning, come join EBH.  Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Sam Mugzzi

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