Dr. Sam Mugzzi interviews Energetic Scientist of the Tesla Tubes, Mark Hoffman

May 4, 2017 at 5:14 pm


Published on May 4, 2017

Dr. Sam discusses with Mark the various ways to use frequencies to heal our bodies. This is a new pioneered industry and provides new ways to think about healing ourselves.

The body heals itself, the answer is to give the body what it needs so it can make changes where changes are necessary. Our bodies are perfect, and created in a way where it can perform miracles.

Mark has 20 years of experience exploring and manufacturing devices that work in harmony with the body. This is different from digital frequencies. Analogue frequencies seem to be more in tune with our bodies. It appears to be more in alignment with Tesla’s theories (and other frequency “forefathers”) who have left blue prints of their work, to help us become a higher dimensional race.

Tesla understood the answers to our evolution and it would lie within. He spoke of using our “God” consciousness and stimulating the light body in many publications. This higher evolved state of mind, is what interacts with all things in the higher realms.

Be your own healer and your own investigator. Always take the information and create a jumping board into the realms of self empowerment. I like to call this: Intellectual Leap Frog!

AC electrical currents and DC electrical currents are used on this planet for various things. When you combine the two, some type of vortex becomes present and this will awaken the God Particle within us. You do this by putting the AC Tesla lights on one end of the body, and the DC Tesla lights on the other. Within the center of the body, the synergy of the AC and DC plasma creates a vortex to the alleged Angelic realms. This will awaken the God Particle within the human race. Its up to you to maintain it.

There needs to be more research into this development and the idea of using the higher realms to help stimulate the light body. Using this force that can correct and reshape the physical body; is nothing short of genius!

When healing one’s self, keep in mind we have to address the emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and etheric body. Bringing them all into balance is what is known as the “Golden Star”. Once we have done that, then we can further assist our awakening to a higher frequency and stimulate the higher consciousness within; utilizing vortexes into higher realms.

The body needs support and the consciousness you maintain will lead you to the answers you need in becoming a 5th, 6th, and more; dimensional entity all wrapped up in your DNA Human suit.

The more our group collective gets on board with this concept and awakens the “Gods” within, the higher we are going to vibrate and ballooning our planet into higher realms of consciousness. WE all need one another to accomplish this feat of amazement. All humans on this planet belong to a special race and we all can contribute our specialized gifts to improve this planet of ours.

Love is the key to raising your vibration because it is the highest vibration there is. The only way to reach this state of mind, is by empowering yourself and allowing yourself to become all that you can be. Please, give yourself permission to become that wonderful, loving, super human we have been waiting for. This is a group project, so you are not alone. Find others who have the same desires and beliefs to help create this heaven on earth planet.


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