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It’s easy to become a new client of Dr. Sam Mugzzi’s!  You will be setting up your own home wellness center and calling in for details of how to rebuild, detox, and improve your over all health.  You will be the judge as to what you get out of it and how far you want to go.  There are many modalities that are beneficial for you, and choosing the right one, is some what of a dance.  Not every person has the same body, background, life style, diet, or stress.  Therefore, you must treat your body as a unique Quantum Health entity.  You are not a machine!  Thus, using things like an acid, petroleum oils, radiation or other harmful remedies; is just not logical.

The first thing you should do is check out our Health Constitution.  Here you will see how we will take the approach of gaining skills on nutrition, exercise, sleep, dealing with problems, challenges strategies, relationships, work, kids, and other facets that affect our health.  We will learn how to detox and clean the body properly.  Blood letting is “caveman” so we will focus on the lymphatic fluids, your elimination channels and ways to improve detoxification.  For a telephone consultation, go to


We can rebuild the body, by understanding what nutrients the body needs to heal.  We can also use sound frequencies to put the body back into balance, and there are some other healthy tricks I have learned that makes healing fun.  We teach you, how to heal yourself!

Iridology gives us a road map of what needs to be taken care of first.  We can see where the body is breaking down.  Identifying your strengths and weaknesses allows an intelligent approach to healing.  We do this through rebuilding, killing off unwanted predators, strengthening and toning.  The eyes tell us about what is happening inside your body.  They are a reflexology point for the body.  We don’t need to take harmful x-rays, playing a guessing game, or taking numerous harmful drugs.  Therefore, all one would need is some great pictures of their eyes and I will do the rest.

Once a map to better health has been determined and fits with your lifestyle, then we can proceed with putting other “healthy” things into your life and give you the keys to operate your vehicle.  Your owners manual, if you will.

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Begin by checking out our health organization.  Lots of health tips, and nutritional news that you might find helpful.   You can sign up for free and get access to more information and their newsletter.

Next, you will want to contact me via the phone, to have an “intake” consultation.  WE can go over your concerns and what you would like to accomplish with your health.  If you are taking any prescription drugs, you will need to let me know.  I will be looking these up for side effects since they do affect your body.  Give yourself some time to write down what I will need to know.  Sleep patterns, stress, eating habits, and how familiar are you with Homeopathic medicine?   Once you have created your list, then give me a call.  You can click on this button and when I am available, just let me know you are a Health Client.  You can also access my telephone through

After we have established a general direction for your health, I can begin to suggest protocols and necessary equipment you might need to facilitate your wellness center.

How much you want to spend is up to you!  I will show you some different options and feel free to always choose what is most fitting for your budget.  No one has to go broke here.

Once we have completed your “intake”, then we can begin with an Iridology analysis.  You will need to send me your eyes.  Not the real ones, but great pictures of them.  Directions are on Empowering Better Health and once you complete your intake call, I will send you over there to learn how to take proper pictures.

The new cell phones work great for this and you already have the tools.

Once we cover your analysis, then we will design a plan of action for you to take to start healing your body.  This will be through exercise, sleep, diet, herbs, essential oils, detoxing, and my “silver bullets”.  (Not real bullets, just the fast way to get you to where you want to go with your health)

The price for your internet office visit is a phone call.  Check out my rates and you can have as much time as you need to thoroughly understand what is happening with your body and different remedies you might want to try.  There is a sense of freedom once you learn how to heal yourself.  Its liberating and empowering to know when you have a health issue, you can problem solve yourself to the quickest and best remedy for your body.  It’s more affordable and more logical.  You will see what I mean, once you get started.  I’m only a phone call away!

If you need more immediate help, I have two packages available.  Both include the Bio Feedback frequencies.  Whatever form of Dis-Ease you are experiencing, there is a package right for you.  If you are new to the Natural Health industry and need a lot of help, right now, use the first package.  If you are already savvy on Natural Healing modalities but need a tailored made approach to healing yourself, you can sign up with the second package.

To get started, join my Home Wellness Clinic at

Package #1~  Starter Package 

For the Quantum Healing home set up, beginners, is $850.00

You will want to fill out the consent form, intake form and email me your pictures of your eyeballs.

Dr. Sam will be analyzing chakra systems, aura systems, back alignment, brain nutrition, cell function, DNA, blood nutrients, organ productivity, pathogens, and other items that have been known to cause ill health.   Through the meta space, Quantum Entanglement, with a Biofeedback device; you can now retrain your bodies frequencies for better health and vitality.

Check out Quantum Healing. club for more information on this new, its actually been around for 30 plus years, modality for correcting energy blockages causing degeneration.

We can get started right away!







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