Contact and the Golden Star

February 9, 2015 at 7:59 pm
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Many people want and desire a contact experience with a benevolent Star Being. However, you have to have your Golden Star in balance. This is your inner capstone to enter the gates of Universal 5th dimension. Each dimension you go up in our solar system, you are also going up 100,000 notches in intelligence and wisdom. Star Beings have already perfected their Golden Five Star! They glow with the Light of Knowledge, Spirituality, and Empowerment. This is why they will be able to resonate better with those that are also in their higher vibratory frequency. If you are unbalanced, you will NOT pass through the doorway of contact. Why? I think you know why. There are too many people that are accustom to bribing, buying, manipulating, coercing, faking, impressing, impersonating and etc; to get what they want. They do not know how to stand in their power and this makes them undeveloped. They have a very dual or dirty energy of light. Therefore, if you desire contact with benevolent Star Beings; work on your Golden Capstone.

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