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Do you ever wonder what made you so strong?  What motivates you to keep pushing forward?  Why we have endless strength when it comes to unethical, evil or moronic deeds?  I ask myself this all the time.  There is a courage that only seems to come forward when another person is being taken advantage of by another.  If there is an under-dog, and they are innocent; the Lion within just seems to come out.  I don’t think about it, I just do.  People have the right to make up their own minds about what is right for them.  Whether or not that is a good decision for them, that belongs to the individual to learn.  However, there are so many people out there right now that just want to scam, terrorize, or take advantage of another.  It’s just wrong!light body
I have spent the last 30 years learning law, medicine, astronomy, health, anatomy, science, physics, biology, chemistry, iridology, sociology, and so much more.  I have been driven to help those that need it.  Since so many seem to be without a place to go to be protected, I tried to create that here.  The only real thing I could offer was knowledge.  Where to go to get the answers, how to apply modalities to put protection around us, and learn the different personality types in order to avoid disharmony; that was my objective.Now starting our ONLINE Quantum Health Club!
I am working to put together a Wellness program that will help you, to become your own healer.  You will learn what you need to do, and what not to do.  We will work with essential oils, herbs, supplements, ozone, frequencies, and top of the line knowledge on how to rebuild your body.  This is not a once a time program.  This is a life changing program that will put you back in the power seat of choosing your health requirements.
Let me be clear, you are the only one that can heal you.  All I am doing is showing you the parts of the body that needs a little nutritional support, energy re balancing, life style changes or mental adjustments.   Your body does the rest.  Learn what your body is teaching you about your health.
Here is the website that will enable you to become your own healer:

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For a overview or a map, to see the areas of your body that needs some TLC, go to Quantum Healing:
 It is a membership because legally you need to be with a private organization to heal your body with natural remedies.  The cost to join the membership is a one time fee of 10.00.  There are also a lot of articles provided so you can learn more about ways to improve your functionality of your body.  If you want a detailed list of all that needs some boosting, get the Quantum Healing Plan provided below.

Biofeedback Options

You will still need to join the site so you can access the consent form, and the intake form.  This will help all of us to pin point where the issues are hiding.
I do have a lot of memories from previous life’s and the injustices I had endured.  A lot of my issues were do to a lack of knowing what to do to protect myself.  I vowed, this life would be different.  This time, I would not only set myself free but all those that wanted it, could.  The knowledge would be offered to those that were ready for it.  Therefore, you can read my diaries, follow the radio shows, or watch the YouTube videos; all with the hope it will be of service to you.  If I have helped you one iota, then I have done my job.  This help, I pray, you offer to others.  Realize, you have to have healthy boundaries.  Not everyone is really in need.  Some are sharks pretending to be victims.  Once you get too close, they try to devour you.  Hence, its important to stay in the moment and chose your friends wisely.  Family was chosen for you but that does not mean you have to spend time with them.  Protect your person by arming yourself with your own sword of knowledge and have the courage to say NO thanks!  This is how you take responsibility for your life.  Walk with leaders and migrate away from the distractions, should be your goal.
Once you have learned how to take charge of your life and make wiser choices, magic begins to happen.  At first, expect everything to go crazy bad as you discharge the things you don’t want in your life.  Expect to go from negativity back to the zero point of creation.  From this point, you can manifest your new reality and have your dreams.  It’s not easy at first, I won’t lie to you.  When the crap hits the fan, it can send you into a tail spin.  Stay with it!  Keep pushing forward and if necessary, just focus on that day.  Don’t worry about next week, next month..ect, only focus on that moment and how you will improve that second.  If you need to take a break, do so.  Surround yourself with your favourite things.  Music, Movies, chocolate, candles, animals, nature, a bath, or whatever pleases you.  Take an escape and give yourself some happy time.  This again, is where you are building up your power to jump back into your life and hit it full throttle.  When you create friction in your life, this means the Universe must step in and fix it.  This is how you get change.
Do not worry about getting approval from others.  This is your life.  You design it and you are the one that will have to live it.  Have you ever notice what people do after giving you bad advise?  Where did they go?  Are they there to help you pick up the pieces?  Do they pay the bills for you?  Nope, they are gone and YOU have to deal with the consequences of allowing someone else to make decisions for you.  Never give up your power.  Keep learning and make ‘you’ the best ‘you’ you can.  What we are capable of is only a fantasy but soon to become our reality.  You are the way-shower.  You will soon become the Master that others seek out to learn how to turn their lives around.  Hence, put your head down today and just keep pushing forward.  The grass IS greener on the other side of the Zero Point frequency!  Your magic land awaits you, so what are you waiting for?  Never give up hope and KNOW you are not alone in this endeavor.

A little about me, I have been a psychic all my life. I can remember reading people’s energies since I was a baby. By the time I hit 9 years of age, my consciousness set in. I remember it was like waking up one day. I was standing on the lawn in front of the house and boom, I was hit with the thinking stick. It was that fast. From there I just started to grow. I had many consciousness and intuitive upgrades throughout my life and that brings me to today, I am now able to speak with galactic star people.

During one of my radio shows, I was doing the “one question” routine with my callers and letting them get a free reading. As I was doing this, I started seeing where people came from. I was literally taken there, and could look around and see what it was like. I was still sitting in my chair and doing the radio show, but part of my consciousness was on a trip. This is how I was able to get so much information. I was there! I could telepathically speak to the people and “feel” how they were, thought and believed. It was quite amazing. Of course I did question everything I was getting, and asked the inter dimensional people to give me a “qualifier”. This is some information that I would not have any way of knowing. Repeatedly, I would get more callers and more insight to the galactic realms. It was beautiful and amazing. I learned so much in the few years I have been doing these readings.

In the last few months, I noticed the importance to share this information with the world. Not just for the person getting the private reading, but now to a larger audience. I get information something like Dolores Cannon does but only she uses hypnosis and I use intuition or telepathic communication. Each person I read for gives me another piece of the puzzle to this 3D life. Where we are going, what is next, their beliefs on ascension, and what we need to do to start preparing for the Golden Age.

With the consent of my client’s, I am now able to share with the world some of the most amazing insight and empowerment one can get. This is not my idea, its the star people who are here to assist each and every one of us that wants help. I know a lot of people are discovering, and sensing they are different from others around them. They have a guidance that now has become more obvious and they desire to be around others they can learn from. That is the intent of this blog.

Keep in mind, there are literally thousands of different varieties of star people. They come from different dimensions and have a unique role in helping us improve our lives, our world, and our futures.

A little about the dark cabal. I do not feel they are bad people. They are not here to do anything to you that you do not want to experience. In order to really get in deep do-do, you have to create a dark, negative vibration for yourself. This is mainly so you can learn. Those of us that choose to have an easier life, we do. Those of us that want help, we get it. If we did not have the dark and the light we could never learn balance. We would never learn the depths of the lessons we experienced. For this, I know the dark has been helping us to be groomed into responsible, mature, well balanced (angel of love but yet has a sword and protects), responsible galactic pioneer. We have gone from a soul of higher consciousness, to an angel that has integrated the dark and the light. Do you understand how valuable these lessons have made us? Do you understand this was all necessary for the final stages of outreach?

Look, if you do not believe me that the dark has been helping us all along; look how they always left a way out. Look how they left us clues. Look how they pushed us into evolution through wars, technology, food, relationships and so much more. We did not need to do the wars. We could of walked away at any time but there were people that had a need to experience that form of life. Now we understand and have a knowing of what its like to be in a war. If you personally experience something, its so much more intense then reading it in a book. You not only experienced it but you LEARNED from it. These lessons you will take onto the next phase of your higher soul’s journey to galactic experiences. If you were a manager of a company and needed to prepare your employees so they would be well received and know how to act on different planets, what lessons would they need to learn? Think about it….

If you sit in a white room all day long, and hear nothing but silence, eat free plain oatmeal, and everything is basically the same; how would you grow? How would the Christ consciousness grow….remember, all things are changing all the time. They have to and this is something we take pride in. Every day, every year, every life time; we become better, smarter and more wise to many different ways. How else would you get here? Not to mention the empowerment that you conquered it all! This is why you will never see Star People intervene in our evolution and why its so important for us to empower ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves to manifest but we also needed to know a responsible balance with manifesting. Plus, its been exciting, eventful, colorful and challenging for us all to go through this maze of 3D life. It has been fun and rewarding when we get things right! Bravo, we have and we did. Now we are ready for the new reality of manifesting and accepting new forms of thought and evolution. Now this is going to be fun!

I have been educated in the fields of Business, Law and Health. I hold a doctorate degree in Natural Health. A masters degree in Business and a bachelors degree in Law. I am also a paralegal, iridologist and marketing.

My career envelops psychic readings, radio host, author, health counselor and life coaching.  My new quest is a Naturalpathic, Iridologist and Quantum Biofeedback Doctor!

More Healing and Health information provided here!

The ancient science of Iridology is returning to the United States and fast becoming one of the most sought after fields of preventative medicine. Through the study and analysis of the eye, one can identify breakdowns in systems and organs throughout the body and how to properly identify, heal and prevent these afflictions through diet and quantum physics program.iridology-chart


Specialize in several other areas:

Bio-Feedback: Studies the energy signatures of the body, revealing depletion due to over-toxicity, leading to proper diagnosis and treatments through necessary herbs, essential oils and other supplements designed to aid well-being.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Treatments: Negative ion therapy to immediately rid the body’s systems of molds, fungus, Candida, free radicals and many toxins from the lymphatic system through the feet. Vital in eliminating wastes and chemicals from the body in a comfortable, painless manner that would normally have no means of escape.

Certified Dietitian: Proficient in the knowledge of foods dating back 10,000 years. Use timely reintegration of long-forgotten super foods aiding rapid healing to replenish and revitalize the body’s needs.
These “cutting edge” modalities of healing are what I offer at my Wellness Centre. My thorough understanding of Quantum Physics, Science, and Chemistry are necessary for taking a proactive approach in our challenge to return to homoeostasis.


SLW_LogoDr. Sam is on www.SpiritualLightWorkers.com and can be reached through their online phone system. 

There is a per minute charge due to them working as a Specialist and Consultant on Health, Life Coaching, Higher Consciousness, or Biofeedback.  Sam can help you prepare for the ascension process through raising your frequency, clearing your mind and tuning up your body.

The Biofeedback device works on many levels.  It is said, it works on 10 various dimensions.  It can assist with the Ascension Process, Karma Release, Tuning up your Chakra system, align your back and open up all your various channels to raise your frequency.  That’s not all, if you have an energetic block like a pathogen, the Biofeedback device will send negative ions to your body to help to release these toxins.  It works through Quantum Entanglement.  Through the “Sub-Space”, Sam can work from long distancing and help your body re-tune its song.  When you are in Biofeedback training, you are helping your organs and system to remember this harmony for health.  You change the frequency to change to fit that of a healthier you.  For more, go to www.QuantumHealth.club, and become a member of our online Health and Wellness Center.


Want to discover first hand, what the heck is going on?  Dr. Sam is going to be putting together a top “who’s-who” list of friends to bring us updates and teachings of how our world is shaping into a 5D reality.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi’s radio show covers a variety of topics. What is best about her radio show, is it is not controlled. You can quickly get up to date information along with non scripted conversations. There is NO BLACKOUT on her show. We will tell the truth to the best of our ability, and with the facts that are presented to us; at the present time. The information will be presented respectfully and gently as we can. The speakers are top notch authorities in their field and are consciously aware with current events. The material presented should be used to  facilitate a higher consciousness of knowing. Why should you want a wise foundation of knowing, to crate a positive timeline…A positive timeline is where things happen.

In order to create your positive future, you need to develop your truth. You will have the opportunity with Dr. Sam. The objective is to empower yourself so you can make better choices.

Come join us on Tuesday nights and be apart of the new human evolution.