Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Ruth Ann Friend

March 15, 2017 at 6:04 am
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Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Ruth Ann Friend


Uploaded on Mar 14, 2017

Ruth relates her story of losing her son and now the special relationship that they have to help humanity ascend to a love frequency. Ruth has also experienced ET contact, the Christ Consciousness Beings and so much more. Please listen to her message. Its a very warm and fuzzy message from higher dimensions.

Ruth has several books available:
Aliens Within Our Own Selves by Ruth Ann Friend

“This book is about me being a speaker for certain species of extraterrestrial universal beings who I am still in contact with. Through this book of true events are many extraordinary messages from certain ETs who want their truth to be shared with human-kind. The title of this book was chosen by the ETs many years ago and given to me for when the time came to write this book”

Ruth’s website:
Universal Conversations

Here facebook page:


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