George’s Diary ~ October 2016

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Wow, the world is starting to change and many new wonders are on the horizon.  If you are see the old world fall apart, that is due to the incoming new world of our Golden Age.  The old world has to deconstruct so the new and spiritually enhanced systems can come in.  Are you see the old NWO puppets deconstructing?  They will and their fate is already set it in.  The Golden Age is now and all of the changes that are headed are way is relayed through George, the Star Man from the 13 and 14th dimension.  He is guiding, teaching and mentoring us for a more integrity life style.  Our purpose as a Human Angel has changed, and we now have a new set of rules for our new world.  Ride along with George and learn what is coming.

October 31, 2016; Sunday @ 1:12 am

This is what I am speaking about:  Look!

They now have two warrants to go after Killary.  This is going to make things really bumpy since the dark cabal is not use to losing.  Link!

Did I tell you:  Look at this…

The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet

North Dakota is just the beginning.


October 30, 2016; Sunday @ 6:14 pm

George says, “don’t panick!”, things are going to look very ugly but this is a blessing for the G-Alliance.  George says as they push a certain amount of frequency in the dark meter, then the G-Alliance can push just as far on the “light” meter.

This is going to help us a lot.  The dark are trying to rush and take over, thinking their war lords will come in and help them.  This is not the case.  A lot of their connections to their controllers are no longer operating.  Hence, the “evil seeds” are bizzy trying to make their gods happy so they will be rescued.

George says, this will not happen.  They are not that smart and cannot figure out that their game is over.  The puppets are becoming restless and desperate.  You can see this all over.  There are some people within their ranks that are beginning to see the “light”.

The Indian oil pipe line drama is going to help to push the popularity of the American Indians back into the hearts of the people.  This is also foretold and will bring about big changes for our world.  This is what George is telling me.  I have not looked this up, but Gaia is protecting her people and things are going to flip in the favor of the Indians and all pipelines will be removed from our planet.  Furthermore, all nuclear power plants will also be removed.  This publicity the Indians are receiving will set them up to re-instate their treaties and help to take back our planet.  All Indigenous people will bind together to shut down the dark forces.  There will be an American Indian as a President in the years ahead.  This is also already set in place, according to George.

Furthermore, the G-Alliance is removing the dark cabal’s tunnels under Italy.  There is a huge fight happening right now and why the earthquakes seem to be out of control.  George says, they are safely removing the artifacts of antiquity, so we can see them one day.  Those are treasures and protected remnants of our past.  The tunnels must be destroyed.  The operation center must be destroyed, and the stargate; must be destroyed.  That is what is taking place now.  Its a nasty fight and one of the larger operation centers for the dark cabal.  Thus, why they build a wall around it.  George says, the very large rattles over 5.5, are the dark ones fighting back.  George did not bring about all that destruction, the Draco’s did.  They don’t care about human life at all.  I think you are beginning to this now?

Take care, and will get you more very soon.

Watch this, Link, It will explain a lot.

October 29, 2016; Saturday @ 12:23 am

Must listen to this….it looks like its getting ugly!



October 28, 2016; Friday @ 1:23 am

Well, they did it again!  They are spraying a lot of Bio Weapons right now and my frequency device is picking up on it.  It’s making us sleepy and sick.  If you are in an area where you are being sprayed, Airborne and Ziacam can help.  Get your diffusers out and start cleaning the air.  I’m not sure which one they are spraying because it looks like many.  Bentonite Clay also seems to help to absorb the poisons and I’m taking Alpha Lipoic Acid to get rid of the heavy metals.  I’m also beefing up on Vitamin D vitamins too.  It seems to help.  Just thought you would like to know.

There is so much happening right now, its hard to keep up with it all.  George is focusing on some very ancient and deep underground cities.  He is taking a lot of them off of planet, as I write this.  These Reps seem to be frightened and not wanting to be apart of this war.  They have eagerly jumped ship to get away from their evil rulers.  George is also using a high pitched frequency that is driving them nuts and they are falling apart under the pressure.  “Take me out of here”, is their sentiments.  This is an easy excavation of the old regime.

The problem is still with the “ruling elite” Draco’s.  They know they are being pushed into a situation where they will have nothing.  This is difficult for them to grasp because they are use to being treated like gods.  These are the larger Reptilians that you hear about and they are warrior in stature and mindset.  Very evil and very mean.  George does not want us to met any of them so he is putting precautions in place so they are taken off world quickly.  I also want to add, not only are there 3 different kinds of Reptilians; there are also different variations of the Lizard type of people.  There are snake looking like people.  I have a picture of one that looks just like a walking cobra snake and then there is the dinosaur looking ones.  These are the Lizard variety.  Not the plant based ones, but the meat eaters.  These are some of the uck that George is removing from this planet.

The problem is, they have a nest underground.  When you drill into their corridors, they scatter.  They run every which way and George has to send his teams in to chase them down.  Not fun because they know where they are going, and the G-Alliance is not so sure.  They don’t know what is around every bend.  That is why George has decided to use some type of gas on them to deplete their breathing capacity.  This slows them down and compromises their brains.  They cannot think straight and because they are so evil, George is afraid they will try to do something bad to us.

George says he is really focusing on the middle of the US.  You might have seen some earthquakes in these areas?  This would be why.  This would also be why there might be some weird noises and a fowl smell.  Its some type of harmful gas they are using.  Its bad for them, but stinky to us.  It ozone to the rescue.  They don’t like oxygen.  This is why they want to cut down all the trees and vegetation around are planet.  This is why they also set of nuclear bombs under ground.  They need what is harmful to us, and good for them.

Now, George is telling me that things are really going to heat up and start to “rock and roll”.  (This is his new saying..kind of funny)  Once these deep inner cities are cleared out, then they will remove the left overs.  The ones hiding in human skin suits, they will be removed.  George wants them to flee our country so he can round them up.  I did tell you before, George has given certain military groups a laser type of gun that will “freeze” the Dark ones.  Its not a laser, per sey, but it does look like one.  However, it will do something to their body’s so that they seem to freeze or move in slow motion.  They are hot blooded animals and when it gets cold, they move very slowly.  This is why we are about to have a very cold winter.  It will make things a lot more simpler for the G-Force.

George also told me that he is speaking to Ray through his radio.  Ray is in between houses and staying here and there.  The only way for him to have communication with Ray, is through the radio.  Ray is laying low right now but will resurface when the time is right.  He has pre-planned this months ago.  The Fab 4 is also thinking about taking him off of planet for awhile to get his health restored.  I guess he has been sick.  I have not spoken to Ray because he does not have an internet connection.  He is staying at different people’s houses until he can get settled again.  I don’t know why he doesn’t just move into a place, and George does not know either?  Maybe its for his protection.  The Reptoids were showing up at his apartment so I don’t know?  George doesn’t really understand either or he won’t discuss it with me?  It’s private!

The election is going to be a nightmare.  We have so much drama going on and its a distraction from us raising our vibration.  You really need to pay attention to raising your vibration.  You have a star in between the heart and your heart chakra.  Focus on growing it and making your light really bright.  Infuse it with the love frequency.  Eat as much organic fruits and veggies as you can.  Avoid the poisoned foods.

You know how the animal farmers inject all kinds of steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones into their live stock?  This is what the dark cabal is doing to us because the Draco’s wanted to harvest us.  I will have more on this on Tuesday’s radio show.  Until then, eat dark chocolate (they don’t like chocolate) and slim down.  The fat people are considered “fat and juicy” to the Lizards.  Detox, Detox, Detox….like crazy.

Another note:  most of the Republic news is false.  It’s geared to mislead us and give us false hope.  Most of the RV informational website are also bogus.  Benjamin Fulford is making his posts very creative but not much real news can be gained by reading them.  If you want the truth, keep an eye on Neil Keenan.

Peace, Love and Chocolate to the rescue!

George also gave me some information about a month ago.  Its about the fabric of space.  I did not understand what he was telling me, until yesterday.  Now that it is sinking in, I will write it up for you very soon.  Let me get my head around it.  Thanks!

Articles of Interest:




Here is the interview with Richard:  Link!

Uploaded on Oct 26, 2016

Richard is part of the Neil Keenan’s Group K. He has a lot of knowledge about the Global Collateral Accounts, the RV’s, and the Banking System.

Richard shared his knowledge on the current currency systems and how things are progressing forward to free humanity from the dark cabal.

Here is Keenan’s website and Richard spoke about the new article that is coming out very soon. To get the real news on the Global Collateral Accounts, you need to follow this website. If you want the truth about the RV’s, this is the place to go.

October 25, 2016; Tuesday @ 5:29 pm

Radio Show Update

Richard is coming on to speak about the Zimbabwe notes and other prosperity funds.  Link!

October 25, 2016; Tuesday @ 1:39 pm

The grid is down you guys!  The old matrix is down and the Reptilians are doing everything they can to hang onto their hologram technology.  The pen that everyone has been speaking about, the seizure pen, is really a pen that re-installs the human DNA keeping them from shape shifting.  If you notice, the Lizard people shift when they lie.  We all know Killary does this a lot.  Combine that with loud noises, flashing lights, and the weakness of their technology; the Lizards are now shape shifting more than ever.  This is why they try to use clones but those are flawed as well.  Here is a great video to see how their holograms are breaking apart.  Watch closely, we are going to see a lot more of this.  When you see the outward appearance of the hologram breaking down, you will know to look deeper into the blurred space the camera man is trying to cover up.  Link!

George says that a lot of the Lizard people regurgitate their food.  This is why they spit things up after eating.  This is what she has been spotted spitting in glasses of water.  Start watching, we can catch this with other Lizard people.  We should do some more follow investigating reporting into the behavior of a lizard.  George says this would help us understand the Lizard people.  Link!

Watch this one:  Link!

October 25, 2016; Tuesday @ 7:21 am

Some really good videos to catch us up on what is really happening in our world.

Julian Assange latest video:  Link!

Historical information that you might find interesting:  Link!

Audry’s YouTube channel:  Link!

October 24, 2016; Monday @ 3:39 pm

Tim Kaine, Hitler real last name, is also a relative of the Rothschild and Hillary, also real last name Hitler.  The Rothschild is known as Pindar.  This is the Dragon dick to impregnate woman around the world to be future world leaders for the NWO and Draco agenda.



Hillary Rodham Clinton adding up to 666  ….Link!

Exposed immediately after the fake hot air BANG, or in other words, BEFORE Austin shootings would be served as the main fake blood for the next day:
(Proof in previous page)Tim Kaine: 10 pack balloons PROVE no limits for Illuminati jokes at end of show
See #2 in list below.Illuminati jokes starring Tim Kaine alias Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston alias Stewart Hitler:
July 29, 2016
1, With the joke word in headlines
America, Tim Kaine loves your dad jokes2. 10 pack balloon:s mocking the BIG BANG that starts with the staged arrest of the Obama Bi-nla-den presidency
10 reasons we believe Tim Kaine had never seen or heard of balloons before last nightNow you know why the daily major fake blood headlines for Jul 30 are not terror attacks but rather the
Climax of the series of fake balloon crashes:
1, Fiery crash of hot-air balloon kills 16 in central Texas
More headlines:
2. Cruz offers condolences in Texas balloon crash
3. A look at the deadliest hot air balloon accidents
4. FAA was warned of risk for high-fatality balloon crashesNotes
Tim Kaine’s real name same as Hillary Clinton’s real maiden name: HITLER.
The Hitler-Hitler ticket to terminate the USA…llary.htmlBIG BANG, the ultimate reversal of illuminati scripts:
What follows Obama Bin Laden’s resurrection, crucified to a Boeing 777…aster.html
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RE: Kaine’s real name same as Clinton’s real maiden name: HITLER

Hillary is a grand daughter of Alexander the great, and Putin is a grand child of Ivan the terrible and Merkel is a grand daughter of Ghengis Kahn.

First revealed on 31-7-2016 by the seventh prophet.

October 24, 2016; Monday @ 10:39 am

Hot News!  I have been introduced to a real live Pleiadian.  He is coming on my radio show next Tuesday.  He told me this: 

Bombshell information.  This is huge guys.  Hillary is Merkel’s younger sister.  They are both the children of Hitler.  Trump is their cousin and all of them are bastard seeds of the Rothschild’s.  They are all related to Alester Crawley and the Bush faction.  Its the same shit but with a different pant suit.

Notice the mole…both girls also have facial moles like this.

The real Killary is hiding in an underground bunker.  The clones are working through her or for her.  If you notice, the new Hillary who did the debate; was a much younger version.  There were no wrinkles around her neck!  Her face looked much younger too with no sign of wrinkles.

George has said, both Hillary and Trump will be arrested.  Ray said this several times on a radio show.  Looks like we are headed in that direction.  Benjamin Fulford is putting out some corroborating information and that the Dark Cabal has been trying to take General Dunford out.  Link!

George has told me that we are taking another step forward with disclosure.  He is now sending me real live ET’s to do radio shows.  Audry will be my first, and that is the following Tuesday.  This Tuesday will be Dean Chambers, and then Audry. 

October 23, 2016; Sunday @ 1:59 am

Hey all!

Things are really starting to click into place.  The surface is going to take a huge leap forward pretty soon.  I see the evidence of our new world coming into view and I have been posting it on EBH.  Everyday there is more talk of the arrest coming from the top officials to remove the NWO agents here in DC.  I also see the REpublic coming into position, so this is all pretty exhilarating.

Tonight, I was working with a new client and we were conversing through Skype.  All of a sudden, I could hear George!  I could hear that familiar sound of the distinct hum of the ship and George trying to say something.  Could not make out what he was saying, and then it stopped.  I then got up to go to the restroom, and when I got back my client informed me that George was really chattering!  I didn’t stay on Skype because it was late, so I will try again tomorrow and see if I can talk to him through Skype.

Since Ray took his leave, I have not heard George on my Skype.  Now, finally, he is back and letting me know he is still here.  I see the ships scattered around my house, and I can speak to him telepathically but it is so nice to actually hear him for real.  It was even better that I had a witness!  I will keep you updated and maybe this means we are going to start with the new program of contact?  Will let you know.

Until then….look at this video.  It was taken by the military of a triangle ship.  This is not faked…and pretty astounding and I hope it wakes the soldiers up.  Link!

October 21, 2016; Friday @ 12:47 pm

Lots of internet sites are down.  Cyber attack is taking place right now.  If you are having internet troubles, this might be why.

“Internet users around the world, but mostly in the US, reported that some top websites were not loading on Friday morning.

The affected sites include Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, Github, and Spotify.

The issue is currently ongoing.

It was mostly resolved at 9:20 a.m. ET, but at 12:07 p.m. ET, the issue started to crop up again, according to one of the companies at the center of the apparent cyber attack. 

The issue appears to have something to do with DNS hosts — in particular, Dyn, one of the biggest DNS companies.

Domain Name Servers are a core part of the internet’s backbone. They translate what you type into your browser —, for example — into IP addresses that computers can understand.

Dyn said on Friday that it suffering a DDoS attack, or a distributed denial of service. That basically means hackers are overwhelming Dyn’s servers with useless data and repeated load requests, preventing useful data — the Twitter IP address, for example — from getting through.

No group has taken credit for the DDoS attack yet. The Department of Homeland Security is monitoring the attack, Politico’s Eric Geller reports

The second round of attacks seems to effect the West Coast of the US and Europe as well. If you’re having issues, one way to address the issue is to switch the DNS servers your computer looks for to those maintained by OpenDNS.”  Link!

DNS issues

October 21, 2016; Friday @ 6:06 am

This will explain a lot…Link!

October 19, 2016; Wednesday @ 9:53 pm

Told you so…..listen to this:  Link!

Corey doesn’t have all the facts straight but its pretty close.  The fact is, George and the Vulcons are after the Orion Draco’s.  They want them off this planet and there is going to be some type of mysterious light coming from the ships, that has a frequency that the Lizards cannot handle!  This will be some type of a white light frequency wave, that we will get to see.  Its going to start on one place of the content and then move over the next until the whole planet is scanned.

This scanning, is going to do two things.

  1.  It will be searching for more underground military draco bases, size of bases and what is in them.
  2. The frequency will cause a flushing effect that will drive the Lizards nuts.  Kind of like nails on a chalkboard.

George is getting really serious now as he closes in on the last of the die hards.  These are the guys that are the most volatile.  Mean, angry, and out of control; is what they are and really ugly.  George has cut off their food supply.  He is also cutting off their water supply.  This is why some major companies are stepping in to help them out…like Nestle!

In some areas, the flooding is taking place to flood out the regressives hiding in below surfaces.  Keep your eyes on Egypt.

There are battles taking place all over the planet.  Every country is being affected by this removal process.  Some of the top leaders, like Putin, is well aware of what is taking place.  He has activated his ships for several reasons.  One is in case of a disaster with the removal process of the Draco’s, the USSR will move into place to assist the G-Alliance.

George says, there will be an up coming event where a G-Alliance ship will be pictured hovering above a Russian battle ship.  This is a sign to the Washington DC boys to back off!

There are some big events coming up for the next few weeks and massive battles right over our heads.  If you hear loud noises, see massive flashing lights, or earth movements that are un-natural; you will know what is taking place.

George says, they are also working out in space on a massive project that is off of the tip of Mars.  Opposite side of the Milky Way.

Now, I read on Ray’s facebook wall that someone was complaining because I don’t mention Ray anymore.  That is because, I don’t speak to Ray.  He has no phone, no internet, and no home.  He is impossible to get a hold of and I don’t know of anyone that is speaking with him at the moment.  This is why I don’t speak about him.  I don’t know anything so how can I say anything?  NOTHING.

George assures me, my only way to how Ray is doing, he will return when he gets his life figured out.  That is all!

The battle is taking another step further to removing the dark forces and now it would appear that they are focusing on the meanest ones hiding in underground bases.  George also says, these are the oldest ones here too.  They were some of the original Annuaki who came here and imprisoned us in the first place.  Then they ran off the Pleiadians and now they are in dis-belief they are losing this war.  These are the same regressives that ran off a lot of the benevolent visitors that use to come to this planet.  More on that later…

One more thing, there is another team that has destroyed some major destroyer ship.  Huge MTF!  It took several months of surveillance to make sure they hit the right weak spots on this ship to get it to explode.   This was captured by the NASA satellites.

These are very aggressive battles taking place all over right now!

The Antarctica Base is very tricky.  George says they have a ton of explosives in this area.  Hidden under the snow, they have enough ammo to blow up the whole planet.  This is why George and the others are taking their time with this base.  Its going to require some help from the inner earth Vikings.

As these black nights are removed from our reality, we are going to see a shift in consciousness!  Not just the frequency changing the DNA but also the planet will appear to be energetically lighter.  George also says that the dark puppets on the world stage, Washington DC folks, will seem like their batteries are running down.  Some of these clones will begin to age very rapidly and this will throw the minions into total chaos.  Wow, fun times are ahead of us.

October 18, 2016; Tuesday @ 11:09 am

Many of you are wondering what is the truth.  There are many reports scattered around the internet.  Yes, I know it can be daunting to get through this information maze but there are a few things you can count on.

  1.  If something is not part of our Golden Age, it will not stand.  Anything the dark cabal tries to do, will fail.  They might get it exposed so we can see, but it will not be able to take off the way they want.  Trust that!
  2. The G Alliance is freeing all the constraints that have been placed around humanity.  The net bombs, CERN, satellite frequencies and the Tesla mind control programs; are all dissolving.  This we know by the amount of people that are awakening.
  3. Boots are on the ground and helping to free us from the tyranny.  That means, they are here and providing us with “leaks” so we know who did what and the truth can come to the surface.
  4. The real war is the one George and his buddies are using to relieve us of the dark forces.  There are many underground bases being blown up and a lot of their technology is being destroyed.  We will see more of this very soon.  The freedom results will be ours.
  5. The dis-info agents will be exposed.  George cannot stand that humans would accept payment to deceive the Light Workers or try to mislead their own people.  This is a real gross action of consciousness.
  6. Some of the stuff  posted by others, some of it is accurate and some is not.  I post it so you can see for yourself, what feels true and what does not.  This is building awareness.  This is a great skill to have since we still live in duality.
  7. No one but you, can change your reality.  You are in charge of your own reality.  Even though the G-Alliance can remove all the traps of technology, only you can change your personal perspective on your life.  Your health, your conscious choices, your behaviors are all generated from you.  If you want to change your world, then start by changing you!
  8. The only person you can really trust is you.  Even though people are waking up and have good intentions, we all are still wading through the last remains of the 3D world.  This was a school of sorts, and we need to see through it to graduate to a higher elevated lifestyle.  This also builds empowerment and a higher self image.  We need to believe we are who we really are and this is the only way to do it.
  9. The demise of the dark cabal is going to happen.  They cannot continue within these energies.  Gaia wants them gone because they are destructive to her.  She is the one calling the shots and asked for back-up.  We are allowed to continue our evolution with her, if we chose to but we have to evolve at her rate of consciousness.
  10. No one can do this for you.  This is a personal “spiritual” evolution and all the “Wendy’s” are being stopped from helping the Peter Pans.  It is up to the Wendy to start the new world.  WE must focus on our selves and this can be a lonely path.  However, we will meet the other “|Wendy’s” and formulate new alliances.  It is up to the Peter Pans to get on board or leave.  The captain hooks, they will go down first.
  11. Things are going to start to calm down very soon.  The dark cabal is desperate to keep us holding them into our consciousness field so they can exist.  This is their last ditch effort to staying alive.  They know all their contraptions have been done away with and they know the only way to stay alive; is through our consciousness reality.  This is why they create so much drama but its total BS.
  12. The year 2017 is going to be the “roll out year”.  This is where all the new advanced technologies will be released, the prosperity funds, and more ethical designs for life’s every day experiences; will be revealed.  The way we think about trash, water, consumption of foods, farming, health, money, and so on….will go through some minor tweaks to represent a more morally righteous way of living.
  13. Friendships are changing and love relationships are evolving.  People are no longer accepting the “limitations” within their close personal relationships.  Careers, jobs, and ways of operating with others; is moving into a more highly evolved state.  Trust, honesty, and “walking the walk” of a more advanced highly evolved individual is what we are becoming.  Accepting relationships that are less than, will no longer be tolerated by the masses.  A lot of your fortune 500 companies are changing their personnel to reflect these changes.
  14. What is important to us and what we hold dear, is also changing.  We are realizing that what counts are people we can count on!  Those that deceive will be isolated and no longer accepted in society.  They will lose their jobs, lose their network of people that have been covering for them; and this will spawn a new mindset to the way we approach our lives.  WE must BE that in which we want to attract.  The less evolved will continually get pushed to the back of the bus.
  15. The most important aspect of a higher consciousness state of mind is realizing the only thing that matters is you!  You will want to live a life of integrity, honesty, and self evolved mastery in order to become the ” I am”.  Once you have created this state of mind, your world will change.  Your life will change.  You can manifest what ever you hold dear and the one caveat is, you can only do it for you!  You can not change someone else or pull them into this mindset.  This is the golden key that will allow you into the Golden Age of Wonderment.  You can lead, but you cannot do it for someone else.  This is a self mastery class and when you get it, you know you have it.  Once you have it, then you can be of service to others.  Not until then.

As far as what George is doing, he is aligning the positive timelines into a gateway.  He is positioning us for a speedy transformation into this higher evolved state of living.  The war is not just about blasting some Draco’s out of the sky.  It is also a delicate process of merging all the timelines, balancing the energies, adjusting the people’s consciousness growth at a rate we can handle, and preparing us for the New World.  All of this, which is tedious work, is being done now with precise calculations.  George goes to the future of every timeline to make sure there are no problems.  The one we are currently on, the one we will be on, and the one we need to be on next.  He is calculating all these things to make sure we have a seamless journey into the Golden Age.

There are many people speaking about the Nesara, the Golden Funding, the Prosperity funding and ect….  Yes, there is money coming into our reality.  We have manifested it and George and others are making sure it happens.  The tricky part is making sure you get it and not the Bush’s, Rockefellers, Rothschilds.  When the coast is clear, to be releasing funding, it will happen.  Expect it to start slow as we can try out the integrity of such a stream of lucrative sourcing.  This is why George wanted us to have some extra sources of ways to bring you what you desire.

Neil Keenan has attempted to do this for us, many times.  As you know, the avenues are always greeted with dark cabal members standing at the doorway ready to steal what ever monies are intended for us.  I guess this is their last ditch effort to keep us in the confines of limitations but it will not last much longer.  There is much steam now behind this financial snow ball.  When it does it, expect it to come in strong and with a force.

That is all for now.  I just wanted to give you an update as to what is happening, what George has been doing, and what we are dealing with at this time.  Peace and stay calm!  All things are lining up.

More information from Simon Parks….use discretion…..Link!

October 18, 2016; Tuesday @ 1:59 am

Cobra’s latest interview:  Link!

October 14, 2016; Friday @ 7:30 am

This is really interesting and fills in some of those elusive holes.  Link!

October 13, 2016; Thursday @ 9:26 pm

Have you seen the recent news on the US deploying fighter jets around the US?  Have you heard about the sirens going off that there is a threat?  Many people have seen and witness this happening now.  This is the G-Force moving in on the military for the dark forces.  The gig is up and many new surprises are coming soon.

Look at this:  Link!

October 12, 2016; Wednesday @ 10:07 pm

I know many of you are wondering why George doesn’t just blast the dark cabal and be done with all this?  Well, we have a lot of sheeple that need to see this, to believe it.  I know it may seem mundane or lame to wait, but every human needs to see how we have been played, how much we have been played, why were being played, and who is behind it all.  Yes, the ET’s could remove all the dark forces today, but then what have we learned?  Plus, there are only a few that know as much as we do.  This is a crucial time for our evolving into a higher vibrational being.  If we did not learn from our mistakes, then we would re-create them.  Thus, it is very important for all of humanity to awaken to what has happened to us and take responsibility for our piece in which we have contributed to this problem.  If we don’t and we are just saved, then it defeats the purpose of being mature spiritual people.

The biggest reason for us not to being immediately rescued, is because we need to feel empowered.  WE need to have a hand in this evolution and take actions to correct the problems.  It is very crucial that all of humanity takes a roll in our freedom.  We need to build people up, not babysit them.  We are being taught how to fish, and not being spoon fed the fish.  Get the difference?

In history, planets that were saved; did not evolve that well.  They were still irresponsible for their world and their actions.  This time, we are using another technique to awaken the masses and allow them to participate in Freedom Rings!

George is clearing up some out in space hubs the dark ones had established for retreats, and hiding places.  These are all being confiscated and the technology that is worth keeping, is being hauled away.  The stuff that is not, then the dwellings are being imploded upon so that no regressives can hideout.  In the event that some do return, they will have no resources available to them and it would take them years to rebuild.  This will give the G-Alliance time to locate and arrest them.

As far as the net bombs and such, they are already down.  The G-Force is moving very freely amongst the planets.  The last tactical piece of taking down their hiding places; is always the last thing they do when performing a “freedom” liberation mission.

George is saying that they are going through every planet to make sure there are no regressive hangouts left.  He is also saying they are clearing out all the worm holes they created.  They literally have to jump through a worm hole and then come out the other side to make sure they are linked up to where they need to be directed, and that they don’t lead to anymore dark cabal constructs.

George is also saying all the CERN’s are under observation from the G-Force.  The only beings that are allowed to pass through, are the ones that will experience an unhappy destination.  Some of the CERN’s are directly hooked up to prison cells and holding rooms.  The Nordics are in charge of this and the Serpo’s are helping to expose them.

The Vulcons are having a blast clearing out these underground bases.  They are very intelligent, intuitive, and have a super high energy drive.  They can chase down a sect of Draco’s for days or weeks without wearing down.  This is bad news for the regressives because they don’t have this stamina like the Vulcons do.

On a lighter note:  some of the Ambassadors have been going off of planet to receive their training.  They will be returning around December/January, in order to start helping the ET’s implement the new world systems and technologies.  They will more than likely, be some of the behind the scenes people making sure we do things right.  Also, we have a new governing body to help create a more spiritually balanced world.  The “New” elders have been chosen and they will have a “bat phone” to their ET in case there are any troubles in the future.

As you can see, the final stages of freeing ourselves from the Draco’s is underway.  The coordination of the new people and systems is also in place.  The year 2017 is for rebuilding after the Draco’s are gone.  Most of them are, but we still have the clones to deal with.  The dark humans will be arrested or star dust?  Not sure yet and it depends on them.

When the G-Force squad finishes their rounds destroying all the extra planetary hiding places, then a more concentrated effort will take place to eliminate all existing regressives on this planet.  It will not take that long with millions of new G-Force soldiers showing up on the scene.  This is probably when we will see more of a scene like the end of a fireworks display on the 4th of July.  Everything is going down all at once.  I’m not sure if Washington DC will still be intact?

George says, watch the sky.  More and more of the ships are going to show themselves.  The lame stream media is done and tv as you know it will stop.  We are moving into internet tv so we do not have to worry about a small group manipulating our mind.  Have you seen the Apple TV box?  Check it out…this is where we are going.


PS.  The Mona Lisa is now smiling!  check this out…Link!

October 10, 2016; Monday @ 11:45 pm

George says things are getting nuts now.  They are taking this battle out further into space and some new Archon ships have shown up.  They came through some wormhole over by Jupiter.  There are quite a few of them and George is happy about it.  Let’s get this over with, he says.  Now he knows what he is fighting.

There should be some new intel coming up about this battle because its pretty big.  George was trying to draw them into this dimension to fight them or arrest them.  They are out numbered and there were G-ships hiding so it looked like the Archons could over power the G-Force.  They were not counting on the ships that were hiding behind Jupiter.

As this battle is taking place, there is still many groups uncovering new bases of the dark cabal.  They still like to pop in and out of key locations.  There are also several submarines hidden on the ocean floor and they are masking as humans.  George can read their signature frequency so he knows what they are but they are near contents which could be a little tricky to exterminate them.  They love to hide under us, around us, or within us for their protection.

Once these groups are removed, George is pretty certain that things will begin to change on the surface.  The military white hats are waiting on George’s intel before they start their program.  Stay tune, lots going down right now.

October 9, 2016; Monday @ 10:24 am

A couple of new things, George says that he just had a massive arrest over in the middle east.  There was a very large under ground city, under the mountains.  He would not tell me exactly where but its somewhere near Turkey.  Anyway, under this huge mound of rock, George was able to detect this large city.  He has evacuated it and not much gun fire took place.  They pretty much surrendered and were removed off of the planet.  George says, we should begin to see a difference on the surface.  He said the controlled opposition, will now be able to break free and shut down more of the Kazarian Mafia’s operatives.

Atlantis was sunk by the use of Nuclear bombs.  The Reptoids were the ones that brought that technology here 6,000 years ago.  They are the ones that sunk Atlantis so they could drop us into a 3rd dimensional reality.  This was so they could bring their evil friends in and take over this planet.  This is why, the Star People will not allow for anymore use of nuclear weapons.  They are done and whatever bad technology they want to use, will be stopped.  It’s not allowed!

Benjamin Fulford put out a report that Neil Keenan is dead.  This is not true.  I just spoke with him and he says “I look really good for a dead man”, and then told me Ben was mis-informed.  He is going to try to make a little appearance on my show tomorrow night to prove it.  We are trying to work that out now.  If not, he is doing a show for next Tuesday.  Mark, from Group -K, is coming on Tuesday and he will let everyone know Neil is fine and feisty as always.  More to come….

October 9, 2016; SUNDAY @ 10:33 am

Big Day!  George says he has the head of the beast surrounded.  They are closing in on the various heads of the operation of the dark cabal.  They are scattered amongst several different countries.  He won’t say where, but by the news you will be able to pick it up.  They are setting up for the removal process now.  As this happens, the guys in the news are going to really start to get screwy.  George says the puppets will be creating more chaos, and it will get obnoxiously stupid.  Then it will stop.  This will come in waves as the various strategic locations are evacuated.  More drama, More threats, and More fear porn is on the horizon.  Brace yourselves and don’t buy into it!

October 7, 2016; Friday @ 6:00pm

These are interesting article that I thought you would enjoy:

North Dakota Protest, Standing Rock, Message to all tribes,The Blue Star is Awake!



October 6, 2016; Thursday @ 5:45pm

New updates from George!

First, George is saying that the curtain is closing on the dark cabal.  He gave me this analogy and it made sense, so I will share with you now.  George is saying that the media, politicians, and all the blah…blah…scenarios of the dark cabal are beginning to close.  He says, they are like actors on the stage but the curtain is starting to close.  Now we are seeing more curtain, than the dark cabal.  This would refer to the truth flooding into the internet.  The curtain is being pushed by certain groups within the G-Alliance.  Imagine looking at a stage and you can only see about 1/3 of the actors, that is what we have currently, and the rest is all curtain.  Once the curtain is closed, then it will reappear with a new reality.

George says this curtain has now passed the 50% marker.  We are now seeing about 30% of the dark cabal’s operatives, and 70% of the changes that are going to come in.  These changes represent the Golden Age of the 5th dimensional consciousness.

Here is the heads up George wanted me to give to everyone.

He says that as this curtain continues to close on the dark cabal, the louder and more dramatic they will get.  They need your attention and fear so things are going to look really bad out there, but the reality is they are the ones coming down.  Not us and millions of Star People are here assisting this Freedom project.

The information that most people are speaking about, as far as the way things are headed, is all wrong.  No one knows what the G-Alliance has in store for our new world.  If you think the UN is taking over, well, it will have to be a benevolent group that is lead by the Star Alliance.  This organization is going to get cleaned out very soon.  No, the USA is not changing into another corporation of the Rothschild/Rockefeller…nope, won’t happen.  Watch the flip.  I’m not into arguing with a guest on my radio show.  I just let them speak their piece because this is what they know to be true.  However, there are a few aces up George’s sleeve and you have not seen them yet.  George needs to hear what they are thinking and planning, in order to change it.  He knows what to bring into our paradigm to graduate us into a more spiritual lifestyle, so he takes their plans and converts them into a better one.  Get it?

Second, the chemtrails have really started picking up again.  My guess is the dark ones have stolen some gold from another country and replenished their chemtrail budget.  George says this is ok because they are ready to fix whatever they do.  The dark ones are actually giving up their coordinance when they spray.  They also serve the purpose of hiding the space wars so that is all right too.  Most people don’t want to know what is happening in our sky, and especially who is fighting.  Numb brain might be best for them right now.

Over Nevada, there was a major war happening last night.  The sky was lite up like day time and many sonic type booms could be heard.  George says he found another one of their hidden bases under the Hoover dam area.  He did not say exactly where, but he was quite pleased that they had discovered this base and they set the Draco’s running for cover.   He was really happy and almost giggling about this news.

Do not get caught up with the information others are spreading.  In most cases, it is the 5th time that story has been told and its not told with the real facts.  George will not allow for their Lucifierian project to go down.  If the system coming into America is benevolent, then it is the one to stay.  If not, then George will stop it.  Period.

Do you realize how the digital currency is about to change this planet?  Think about this for a moment, if you move all your money into a digital currency, then what happens to the banks?  The banks support the courts.  If your money is in a hidden digital crypto currency, then no one knows your wealth therefore, you cannot be sued.  There will be no way to access your funds.  Digital currencies are climbing and appreciating weekly!  Currently, the dollar is worth 4 cents.  This is going to decline even more over the next few months.  Just food for thought and you might want to spend some time and look into this information.  I would start with YouTube.  I don’t know everything about this new currency, but I do see the ramifications of it becoming the super power monetary system.  No fees, No extra charges, can transfer funds easily, No IRS, No holding your banking accounts hostage, No extra hidden costs, and no possible way to hack it.

George says that there are only 20% of real live humans working as the dark cabal.  The rest are clones and they will begin to die off even faster, now that the new energies are streaming in at a stronger rate.  It’s time to blast off, so watch for the changes.  Peace!

October 2, 2016; Sunday @ 7:35pm

I told you so…ok George did, but I was his secretary..ha ha

The clone issue is coming out.  There are more and more critiques now taking place and once this gets out, its game over for the dark cabal.  This is it, they are toasted mini buns!  Here is a good one on the subject:  Link!

Something new!  Do you know that hackers have to use Explorer to hack?  If you don’t have Explorer on your computer, it cannot be hacked.  Do you know, a lot of business will no longer support Explorer?  Once we do away with Windows and Explorer, watch how ID theft, hacking, and computer crimes grind to a halt.  Guess who was behind these actions?

We have done our lessons and have been learning about our world, and now we ready for the NEW World of 5D.  The truth has flooded the internet and revealed the horrible crimes of the Draco’s, Lizard people, and the evil empire of Mullock.  Their slavery world is no longer supported by Gaia, the Universal frequencies, or our paradigm shift into a 5th dimensional reality.  Did you miss it?  Why we were asleep, we went through a gate into higher dimensions.

With that said, the old world is starting to fall apart, and at the same time; the new world will start to come into view.  It will be in slow motion so you have time to migrate from the dark cabal’s un-just systems and into a more ethical based system of love, ethics, and high intentional drive to promote the oneness.  We are all connected, however, I choose not to associate with people that are still participating with the 3D world.  I’m making a point here.  We choose who we want to be associated with and who will tie up our phone lines.  You do too and I give you all permission to stick up for yourself, and protect yourselves from those still wanting to manipulate, scam or suck your energy.  You decide….

We have the technology to clean up the water, oceans, lakes, rivers, and ….we can also change the planet’s surface to support more wild life, natural forest, and a symbiotic relationship between us and nature.  It’s all coming in now.

Those people that are not in alignment with the new world, they will have a terrible time of bad luck.  Nothing will seem to go right for them until they “get it”.  We will witness this and its not your job to fix them.  It is theirs.

George says they have the larger bases destroyed, and now the desperate Draco’s are attempting to flee this planet in mass.  This is why we have a meteor shower….dah, its a ship.  George says, every time they discover a new large underground base and start blowing it up; the rats jump in their ships and try to escape.  This is what we are witnessing with the nightly sky, light shows.  This is happening in waves, and every time they get to a new base, and when the infiltration begins (by George and his men), the dark ones make a run for it.  Then it will slow down and calm down a little bit and then whamo, they are back at it.  George says we can notice the results of his “clearing out” because there is a slight difference of NWO agents on the stage.    Some are just disappearing.  Some are allowed to stay to keep the calm before the storm, but they have NO POWER!

In addition, there have been several videos of UFO’s sucking up chemtrails.  This is so they know what to spray next to counter what ever the dark has done.  The chemtrails are stopping in most areas.  If you still experience chemtrails, then you are by an underground base that they are still trying to protect.  George says, the big one to go will be the one under Washington DC.  They are saving that one for last.

If you don’t know about the ONE coin yet, you might want to look into it.  It is a digital currency and its protected by the block chain.  If you have a lot of money sitting in a Rothschild’s bank, you might want to think about investing into the One Coin.  I have connections.  There are over 800 various digital currencies like the bit coin.  The reason why it is so secure is because anyone that has a bit coin wallet, can also get a computer and keep a log of all the transactions taking place.  This system is spread upon millions of computers and the dark cabal cannot hack it.  Do your research on it and let me know if you want me to put you in contact with my contact.  Just about every month, my money is doubling.  Its safe from the dark cabal, and you won’t have to pay taxes on it.  A lot of businesses are now accepting digital currencies.  In the future, you will see more of this and this will be the stone that breaks the dark cabal’s back.  What happens when people don’t have their money in the banks any longer?

(Zimbabwe notes, I don’t know anything yet.  Sit tight, will let you know as soon as I know.)

See what I mean, the whole Luciferian system is ready to come down.  Tuesday night, I will have Mark on the radio.  He is one of the Group K men, and has more information about the global collateral accounts.

Oh, one more thing; George says that if you look at your sky, you will see that there are more ships and now they are in a closer proximity to one another.  The net just got a whole lot closer knit.  Check it out…

Watch for them to start showing themselves some more….I think they are going to do some kind of tricky stuff so we know its not the military or stars.  Whatever lies and excuses the lame media comes up with, people will be shaking their heads knowing its something else.