George’s Diary ~ April: Part II

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In here, I am posting the information George is showing, teaching or guiding me to see. He is helping to connect the dots of information that has been mentioned previously. We are getting a clearer picture of the real events that are taking place in our solar system, galaxy and all of our dimensions. He is also helping us grow spiritually so we will be prepared for the new technology that is being given to us. There is a lot more to come and he takes me in new directions daily. In order to keep up with his information, I am posting several times a day. Then I will take a break, rest, and then start in the new avenue of knowledge that is being handed to us. Stay tune, we are getting a lot of intel at this time. You will need to digest it and adapt it to your own reality. In addition, please do your own research and validate what we are being taught. You can also send me information you find so I can share it with G’s community of friends.

Ray plays a large role in our network. He gets information differently, than I do. He is a telepath, empath, and he has direct communication with the Fav 4. He is always in touch with George because he comes across our Skype connection. However, he does not process the information like I do. Instead, he is given direct intel. This arrangement between me and Ray is working out wonderfully. We are teaching one another new things and also helping to support each other. This is not easy but its a lot of fun.

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