April 12, 2017 at 5:58 am
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Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Clan Mother Karen Ann MacDonald. WE discuss natural medicine, biofeedback, the Genius, Vaccines, and some helpful tip for home use working with frequency. Be cautious working with parasite detoxes. You can get you two week trial with the Genius here: https://www.quantumhealing.club/store… If you are wanting to be a healer and working with an intensive health condition, please get a hold of Karen and discuss your options. She has 30 + years experience as a nurse, biofeedback QBS, long distance frequency balancer, Quantum Health Coach, and sub space operator. Plus essential oil coach, raw food coach, and so much more. Find her on Facebook as Karen Ann MacDonald Clan Mother, KlanMotherKarenAnnMacDonald, or some of her other accounts? She opens new ones all the time.