The Deadly Medicine

March 5, 2015 at 2:28 am
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Are you beginning to see that the medicine that is suppose to be good for you, is deadly? Have you not seen how someone who had a simple issue like a sinus infection, after taking pharmaceutical drugs, they die from it? People who take flu shots, get sick. The vaccines for health are killing? Have you taken the time to notice? If not, you should. Western Medicine is a Luciferian organization that destroys people’s health for the purpose of greed. People are dying so elites can have wealth. Testimony is now coming forward that the FDA reports that prove “safety” or “benefits” of using said drug; were actually never done. Pharmaceutical sales people hit the streets to sell their lies to the Western Medical Doctors. Western doctors were never schooled on how to heal or rebuild the body, thus unable to discern quality of drugs. They were tunnel trained to identify symptoms that lead to the prescribing of a pill; which would lead to further problems within time. Here are some articles backing up what I am saying.

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