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Eventful week of news poring in.  There are lots of improvements but what is most alarming is the exposure of hidden secrets.  Now you can see more of the dark cabal’s efforts to keep us in slavery.  It’s massive and it’s also depressing so if you need to take a break, do.  Most of us need to know what has happened so we can make changes.  The only way to quit being a slave is through education, research and changing our behaviour.  Please don’t stop there.  I provided lots of links that lead into more links so you can propagate new ideas for your own world.  The old system will be abolished.  Trust that!  Where we go from here will be a more ethical, compassionate and moral driven society.  What will that look like?  We don’t know yet because we are still creating it.


Marine gets released from Mexican jail:

False Flag Warning:

Pope News:

Starbucks Now Partnered with Monsanto:



Money is changing values:

The video is high-lighting for us that the money system is changing and other controlled systems are on their way out.  Other advancements for humanity are technology, health, schools, internet, news, and other necessary improvements.  We can all start to see the subtle changes.



Most expensive service the Americans have purchased was the Federal Government.

Banks changing and lots of top brass is warning the USA money system is over:


Intestinal Plaque and how to get rid of it


A great big lie is the wheat industry.  They way they process wheat is nothing but a toxic food.  It’s not healthy nor is it what “health” officials say it is.

It is a well-known fact that all dis-ease is caused from a deviation from an alkaline state of 6.5 to 7.4.  That alkaline range is what we would refer to as AT-EASE.  Now, when you get a diagnosis of a dis-ease its due to an acid state.  Many foods will make you acidic.  In addition, pharma uses one of 3 acids as a binder to their drugs.  Due to this, anyone taking a pharma drug should be made aware of the fact that you are putting acid into your body and need to eat more alkaline foods.  Here is a great article on Ph issues:

“Did you know that science has discovered one definitive cause AND cure of cancer? Acidic blood is the root of cancer cells survival. The disease literally feeds off of the glucose human bodies are ingesting every single day and thriving in the environment we create for it. If our bodies keep up a slightly alkaline environment the cells will die off and your body will be cured of cancer and other potential diseases. Doctors prescribe chemotherapy, radiation or heavy drugs to treat cancer. This is counter intuitive, as it adds to the acidity/alkaline balance of our body. So while cancer cells might die in the process, healthy cells will die as well and the body is even more susceptible. The most effective and healthy method for eliminating cancer, or potential risk, is diet change.”

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Nurses against flu shots….


Harmful chemicals found in bottled water, found by German scientist.

Cancer can be cured in several months/weeks but MD are gagged from telling us.

Pasteurized milk kills….

Harvard Medical Doctor warns of smart meters

Fake Ebola by the Media

Vaccines are paralyzing people:

Food, did you know they are putting anti-freeze in your food?

 Antioxidants saves the body from harmful toxins:

Compact Florescent Lights Are Dangerous To Your Health:

I actually have real proof these light bulbs will cause strokes, especially for seniors.  My neighbour installed these to conserve and save money.  A week later she started having strokes.  When she would stay at other people’s houses, her strokes went away.  When she returned home, so did the strokes.  This went on for about 5 months.  After having several a day for a week, I went and removed all these light bulbs from her house.  When her friends went over her home to visit, they would develop headaches too.  When they would leave, the headaches went away.  She has not had any signs of a stroke since and its been about 6+ weeks.  She is also experiencing better cognition and can remember things.  She thinks faster.  Seniors should avoid at all cost.  Once these light bulbs are removed, so are the symptoms of headaches, strokes, and Aneurysm.   Try at your own risk….!  The better solution is the full spectrum light bulbs.

Cancer documentary:  The Forbidden Cures!

This video is banned in the U.S. for obvious reasons.  Our government is tied in with the AMA and pharma industry.

Herbicides and your health

Poverty and obesity link

Most foods that are offered for free or for a low-cost actually is the most poisonous foods.  Well, that is true for everything but of course doing your own gardening.  When you buy boxed foods like processed, breakfast cereals, fast foods, and low-income food stamp foods are usually given to you to lower your health.  The assumption is that most low-income people are also the least educated.  They are more willing to accept “free” stuff without doing any research on it.  Due to this, the most laden foods have massive amounts of poisons in them.  For instance, milk has the growth hormone rBGH.  When you consume this hormone you grow.  Pepsi, Cokes, and other soft drinks are full of sugar or aspartame.  Both of these ingredients have been found to make you bigger.  The human body when it is in its normal state, does not gain weight.  It knows how to process healthy foods.  The problem is when you are consuming positive ion foods that poison your system and keep it from doing its normal job.  Think twice before you go for the free stuff or the deals.  They might not be what you think you are getting for a food source.



Voter Fraud Revealed

MPs and VIPs ‘child abuse ring’ at luxury flats near Parliament investigated by detectives

“Detectives are probing chilling claims of “abuse parties” at ­upmarket Dolphin Square, where many Members of Parliament had their London homes.”

“Nick told how the two well-known ­politicians raped and physically beat him after he was forced to drink ­alcohol. He ­recalled being taken to Dolphin Square around ten times, from age 11, over a period of two to three years either side of 1980”.

“He and another man gave ­accounts of how MPs and other prominent people sexually ­assaulted them at abuse parties at Dolphin Square and elsewhere. The officer in charge of Fairbank and linked operations contacted Exaro to ask whether the two men would speak to him and his team at the Met.”

“I hope that they will start making arrests.”

US in bed with Isreal:

NATO controls American Military:

China Unveils Anti-Drone Laser

How to Disqualify a Judge


Brazil is unplugging from the NWO and GMO:  Internet disconnected.

Hollywood Reveals:

This is an excellent show of what they are trying to do and their hidden codes found in Hollywood.  Needless to say its all satanic stuff that goes back hundreds of years.   The people in the videos are nothing more than idiot pawns.  They have no clue what they are apart of and as long as they get a check, they don’t really care.  This is also true for the medical industry, banking, legal, and so on..


monsonto and govt ties

Obama News:

Gag orders on Insurance companies until after the election:

Obama just fired two more commander and cheifs in the nuclear war issue:

Trying to stay in office:

Petro Dollar Just Died

How to get out of the USA system

Manchurian Candidates and Mind Control:

It appears most of all the singers and even actors are all MK Ultra slaves.  They have been mind controlled by the military.  They are also being mind controlled from Walt Disney facilities in their underground bases.  When you hear of their “numbers” they are referring to their programs that will be installed, how many generations within the family that were mind controlled, and more.  What you are seeing with a lot of the singers is they are “sex slaves”.   They want to seduce the men into thinking with their sexual appetites and thus becoming a sex slave to the system.  More on this has been presented by Freeman.  Click on the next link to read more in-depth of how our “stars” are made into MK Ultra slaves for the ruling elite.

Miley Cirus doing weird stuff on stage that can only be explained as mind control satanic abuse:

Dudes…their is a war for your lower chakras.   In order to keep you bonded into slavery, the satanic beings on this planet must keep you in the lower “sex” chakra.  This is why you see so much sexual stuff on stage now.  Beware, there is a fight for your soul right now and it comes dressed in scant clothing and lude actions.  Miley Cirus


 Judge Arrested:




US Congress is for Sale!


wireless energy







Water generators are the new thing…its only a matter of time for the cars to come aboard!

“GDS is a manufacturing company in renewable energy. We have developed a portable water powered generator that creates a large amount of energy to run our portable generators that generate power simply by adding water. Spending money on expensive gasoline is a thing of the past. We have found a way to produce energy by adding clean tap water.”

High Rise Ocean Cleaner:


Favourite pumpkin recipes for the holiday season:


Nephlim DNA revealed:

Everything you want to know about ET’s and the star wars is here:

Radio Show

This week with Peter Kling

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