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This is a work in progress as we learn about other Star People that are here to help humanity evolve.  I will add to this section as new information becomes available.

I’m starting a new section that is going to catalogue the various Star People.  I am calling it Starology.  As we move forward, and new races are being exposed to us; I will be talking about them here.   As the progression of the Grand Event becomes nearer, we are going to be more intrigued with learning about these mysterious beings.

Alex Collier taught:  When meeting an ET, you should always state the following phrase:

“It is the manner and custom to request permission before entering my field of space.”.  This is how you take control of outsiders invading your space and the strength behind demanding your permission before they enter.  Very important information to know.

Here is a document explaining who the Andromedians are.  It’s amazing they look just like our American Indians.  Makes me wonder if this was the reason for the UK Kings to kill off or round up our Indian heritage?


Here is Ray’s book of drawings, crafts and some tidbits about their personality.  We will be expanding on this as we move forward.


Click to get the book!

In here, you will find the 32 beings Ray has had the pleasure to meet in person!  I will be talking about them in greater detail under George’s Diary.  However, I wanted to begin with a catalogue of quick reference to this valuable information.

George’s drawing is also included.  Take a peek so you can get familiar with him.  This is why the Star People have created this opening of knowledge.  It is yours to enhance your knowledge of who is who and start to understand who they are.

Ray has also meet the Vulcons, Mole, and some others that are not in this book.  He will be invited to have a one on one with them and thus, creating a picture and more information on them.

Vulcons 10-18-2015


As he does, I will be including that information here separately.

Number 33 RAy meet was the Bird People.  They are best friends with George.  They are very sweet people and also very spiritual.  They are also best friends with the Vulcons.  They are playing a large role in our evolution to become 5th Dimensional beings.


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