The Four Plans to Re-Install the Republic of America

August 9, 2017 at 9:11 pm
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The PLAN ~

It is obvious that the Elders are planning a new financial system based on AIIB and CHIPS and that this will be an asset backed system in which they would like to play a leading role since they control the gold and other valuable tangible collateral assets.

The question then arises as to why they would appoint a “Kuai Low” (Red Haired Devil) to be their M1/N1 ? What do they really want you to do? Or better yet, what do you think that you want to do?

The new financial system is already set up so that is not your job.

Do they just want a high paid Debt Collector that all those Debtors will try to assassinate and thus simply hide behind? Do they want an old Boneheaded Irish Bulldog that bites?

Basically it all boils down to WHAT IS YOUR PLAN and a good one that will keep your sorry ass alive!

I would recommend that a new and more formal global financial oversight institution be established to take the place of the corrupt IMF and BIS. The AIIB is not a suitable vehicle.

What I would suggest is a new financial organization made up of the Finance Ministers and Central Bankers from each country and under regional groupings. This institution would be overseen by the Elders at the very top as the ultimate controllers who would be advised by Global Financial Advisers Committee (US, Russia, China and others as may be appointed). This would be Chaired by the Global Financial Controller.

The position of M1/N1 may Chair this financial Committee particularly since the Elders do not want to be seen coming forward. This essentially replaces DR Ray Dam as OIC Comptroller and possibly negates his position and authority if a global financial mandate can be reached.

Since the United States of America, Inc., the USA, Inc., and the European Union are all in bankruptcy and the priority creditors are now legally established as the real people living on the land, this will further bankrupt the City of London and Vatican together with all Western fiat based financial institutions and government service corporations posing as governments. This is a very important understanding as it is causing a legal transitioning from Corporate Law back to Common Law.

What this means for The Elders is that all their assets that were previously stolen and misappropriated will have to be returned plus any profits obtained from the use of these assets as defined under existing Laws. This is where the bankruptcy of all the major Western banks and governments will be adjudicated in proper Common Law Courts. This is in its simplicity just the changing of owners’ names. And the pirates won’t want to give up their booty so this is where M1/N1 steps in to negotiate an amicable solution.

Do note that this proposed institution must operate under Common Law (Land Jurisdiction) and NOT Corporate Law (Law of the Sea (Commerce)). This allows for more flexible remedies versus Statute Laws that carry criminal penalties for fraud and a whole host of other defined crimes. The basic intent is not to totally disrupt the existing corporate based financial and government services businesses, but more a matter of re-allocating assets back to their rightful owners and not extracting them from the current system.

This will result in major changes in how financial and corporate entities work as it will eliminate the fundamental “fraud” which is the current basis of these systems. This entails removing the legal “corporate veil” (or is it “vile”?) thereby making all corporation and all those in them fully and legally liable, accountable and responsible, the same standard for any real man or woman.

This proposed financial institution would oversee the real Global Collateral Accounts and thus oversee the clearing of these accounts to their rightful owners. This means that the job of M1/N1 is reduced to that of overseeing teams of lawyers (debt collectors) and then being a “nice guy” that negotiates the final settlements between Parties. The idea here is that as M1/N1 you want to become a “referee” and not a combatant.

The PLAN is to get you out of the frying pan and turn the heat off of you. There are plenty of pencil pushers and ugly debt collectors to do that job. You just need to make assignments.

And for safety sake, you can do this via the robotic conference rooms that I proposed to you before as this allows you to be anywhere and not in the direct line of fire. The Elders can listen in and talk into your earpiece if they like as this gives them the veil that they want too. Modern telecommunications can do all kinds of things.

Another part of the Plan is the financial investment division. This is the “Spend of the Wealth that has been entrusted to you” part. You have some major technology projects that will get you killed if you introduce them right now. Existing energy, health and clean water are huge entrenched industries that will pay to have you snuffed if you try to eat from their rice bowl and are a real threat to their pockets. The PLAN is to either flood the markets so fast that they won’t know what hit them till it is too late OR hide these technologies inside other projects like my proposed agriculture developments which are high priority projects especially since major crop failures are forecast.

You need to have an Investment Plan that the Elders can bite into and be willing to finance. Know that they may end up OWNING the existing industries that you are clobbering with your technology! Their collateral financed these industries and loosing the collateral that these industries represent may not be to their liking or advantage. History is littered with corpses of inventors that have threatened the status quo industrialists. You have more important things to do in the short term. Don’t kill your friends by being stupid. “Life is like a box of chocolates” so pick the best ones first.

King Farouk


In one month you are going to be sitting in front of a group of 183 grumpy old men who haven’t gotten paid for centuries of sitting on piles of gold. These Owners, Trustees and Signatories will be asking YOU what is YOUR PLAN for helping them out of their predicament.

The basic problem is that most of the gold and other assets are not “registered” in the current Global Collateral Accounts and if they were to do so, the Banksters would immediately rip them off as they did before.

The solution is to establish a “New” Global Collateral Accounts Registry which is the financial controlling institution that I have proposed. By “registering” these assets, their Owners and Trusts Accounts and Trustees there becomes a clear line of ownership and the assets simply remain where they are as audited. These assets can then be used as the “rented collateral” backing currencies and a new asset backed banking system (no more fiat shit! Lend only what you have real collateral backing for.)

“Renting Collateral” is what is currently being practiced in the West but that collateral is almost all “fiat” and has reached ridiculous levels ($’s with 50-60 zeros) which is just funny money and way beyond all reality. Let the IMF, UN, BIS, FED and the Committee of 300 roll in all that worthless paper then zero them off!

Some of this is actual real collateral assets which are held under BIS/IMF Global Collateral Account Trusts that were originally funded by the Asian Elders and that have been summarily stolen, hypothecated, mirrored and scammed as fiat digits by the Western Banksters. This is the tangled mess that the Elders want you to stick your neck out for and why you are a huge target. And why THEY consider bullets to be a cheaper option (assassinations and wars) to solving pesky problems.

The act of creating a new international collateral registry that leases collateral creates a financially viable income stream that can then be partially used to compensate the Owners, Trustees (“Gatekeepers”) and Signatories, improve asset security and the auditing of the bunkers (no more cave stashes) and still have more than enough to increase the global collateral financial base on a regular basis.

The current nominal collateral rental rate is 2.0% per annum and this is normally just rolled over in accounts following an annual audit. A very small percentage of this rental rate is sufficient to cover the operating costs of maintaining the bunkers and compensating the Owners, Trustees and Signatories for their efforts since the actual sums involved are financially huge.

The establishment of a new collateral registry can easily run parallel to the existing corporate banking system but under a different set of rules, particularly the fact that all loans must be collateral backed and that corporate borrowers must be fully liable (no veil), and that repayments must be made in collateral backed real money (asset backed currencies or precious metals).

This proposed Collateral Registry allows for the Asians to bring these assets out of the closet and into commercial use (which process has been intentionally held back by the West as it would dilute their financial strength and fiat-fear control financial slavery system).

This is basically creating the EAST Collateral System versus the West Fiat Collateral System. Countries in the EAST Block will trade in true asset backed currencies at monitored and fixed rates, whereas, West Block countries will have to invest in fully registered EAST Block currencies for all trade with the East Block. This “investment” will be measured in real assets traded, which is essentially a barter system.

As concerns the use of the “Euro”, it will be trashed in exchange for reverting back to local country currencies. That neo-nazi communist experiment is coming to an ignominious end and Humpty Dumpty will have a great fall.

As concerns the US Dollar, I am still in favor of splitting the domestic Dollar away from the International Trade Dollar. It is financially impossible for the US to continue supporting the FED Notes as the FED is bankrupt together with the United States of America, Inc., and USA, Inc. Simply, the US must revert back to its original Republic and go through a period of re-organizing and re-structuring with the issuance of new US Treasury Notes, but trading these for worthless FRN’s is not a realistic option. Splitting them and placing the International Trade Dollars under a new financial body controlled by East and West, North and South, is a more practical solution.

The problem lies in the fact that the US Republic and people will first have to claim back all the assets that have been fraudulently stolen from them and unravel that mess. That takes time but TRADE needs to continue. Hiving off the 85% of International US Trade Dollars under a separate Institution will solve much of this problem and allow the US Trade Dollars to retain their international value.

The Elders may choose to gold back both currencies provided that they have some say and control so that things won’t get out of hand again. They and the EAST need a stable trading currency and the International Trade Dollar is the only thing on the table and in THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS, but it needs to be backed and pegged. No more currency trading as that casino must be CLOSED as it is being abused and ties up huge amounts of gambling capital that could be put to better use in improving this old world of ours.

The Elders that you will be meeting know that they are “gatekeepers” but sitting on a pile of bricks does not a building make nor does it get them paid to just sit and do nothing.

They have to get their bricks back into commercial use and currently there is no viable financial vehicle at their disposal……soooo……the PLAN is to make one!

I know that you are thrashing out various ideas with the Count and others, but you need a firm Plan and options on the table for your meetings in the US and Jakarta. Let THEM present THE PLAN. Just sit back and listen. Smile. Nod yer head occasionally. Take a sip of water. And when all is said and done and a silent lull falls across the room, FART LOUDLY and say “That’s all I have to say about that!”

And when you meet Trump, make sure to let me know if you got that ham sandwich.

Also ask him if you can go for a ride on that secret high speed train that’s tunneled underneath the White House. Lots of DUMBs down there to visit for fun. Oops, you are not supposed to know about that and ain’t got proper security clearances too. Would be a fun thing to do though, eh!

King Farouk


Neil, PLAN 2 is NOT “all wrong”. It is just one scenario which is just a mirror of the existing system with the East setting up their own controlled system. It is one option only. And to my way of thinking, not a very good one as it just repeats the mistakes of the old system.

Some parts of that analysis are obviously “true”. The Owners, Trustees (Gatekeepers) and Signatories want and should get paid for their services but there is generally no mechanism for this other than them cashing in some of their assets occasionally either legitimately or through theft.

The other part that is a problem is that the collateral assets are either not registered in the global system or if they are they are tied to old bonds or deposits where, for instance, the gold is valued at USD 38.00 per ounce and not at its current market value. These “locked in” collaterals thus are tied down at unrealistic values.

That coupled with the fact that many of the historical bonds supposedly with gold backing HAVE NO GOLD BACKING! Try cashing in a 1933 FRB box and the Italians will grab it at the border. Where is the gold that was supposed to be stored in the World Trade Center? (Ask Daddy Shrub) The US has no gold to cover the US Dollar in trade. Nixon made that clear in 1971. So all the US can do is rollover old funny paper for more new funny paper saying it is as good as gold (In God We Trust). BS.

So what do the Elders really want to do? Do they want to force a Nesara/Gesara Jubilee? How about a structured RV? Are they going to crash the casinos and then grabass all they can for pennies on the dollar? Or since they rely on spiritual guides, are they just waiting for higher dimensional ET’s to drop down to 3D level with new “replicators” for all?

My point is that there are a lot of different scenarios in play at this time and you need Contingency Plans and viable options that you can implement. You know the Cabal’s Plans. And that is a YOU OR THEM fight. I am not too fond of writing down your options there as those are “DO OR DIE” scenarios and putting those on paper is not such a good idea, but it is the way to fight. Minus 0.01% will change the tide.

The problem is still that you will need a new system. Do the Chinese still want to be corporate slaves to the Poop and the City of London Rothschilds? I’m sure that the Muslims are not going to be too happy once they find out that their companies are a Satanic Catholic enslavement conspiracy. Do the Chinese want to take over the Poop’s position as the NWO slave rulers? Is it still going to be “He who has the gold has the Rule”? Or is the real Golden Rule to be revived? Or do we still have to kissass to the Queen and Her Committee, P2 assholes and Masons, Knights and other Secret Khazarian Societies?

I know that there is going to be some brutality, skirmishes and dog fights initially, but I am looking further down the road for a new PLAN that hopefully will free mankind from corporate enslavement and this 3D revolving door syndrome so that mankind can move beyond the pettiness of THINGS.

I am seeking a solution that I and YOU can be proud to be a part of and one that oozes with the love for mankind and Mother Earth and All That Is. That is a difficult task when most people are attached to THINGS and PROFITS and addicted to the emotional experiences of incarnated Life.

I take pride in what I do. Thus I do not work for money, but more for the pleasure of doing good work. Money to me is what money does and if it is GIVEN it does more good. How do you plan a system that upholds such values? That’s the PLAN.

So who is right? Am I all wrong again?

Much needs to be discussed in private, huh.

King Farouk



One of the disturbing things going on is the coup against Trump.

He obviously has the trump cards to toss a ton of miscreatants into jail on treason charges since he has the authority as President of the bankrupted United States of America, Inc. and USA, Inc. and of the dejure united States of America (the Republic) to which he swore allegiance to the original Constitution.

The problem is that the Congress is represented by a defunct bankrupt foreign corporation which technically means that they cannot pay for anything anymore without being held up for FRAUD on top of their treason and other misrepresentations. Unfortunately, however, the Congress puppets and their elite handlers still have weapons at their disposal and will not hesitate to take out Trump and family if he ever makes a direct move on them.

As long as Trump walks the “business line” to make “America Great Again” and bolsters the Military Industrial Complex, he will be making the elite $$$ happy. He will have to create some skirmishes around the world in order to appease the bullyboys and get rid of old ordinance so N. Korea will get a bloody nose. He will have to back off of Syria but if he is smart he will negotiate an Arab pipeline deal through the Sinai to Crete to Greece with a branch to Isreal, of course. See if we can get a piece of that deal!!!

US LNG to Europe is a no go. Pump it to new US industries.

The Russian sanctions legislation is BS with no funding and puts all of Congress in jail for treason. What a joke. Any implementation will trigger law suits. How stupid can these idiots be? REAL STUPID!

At some point, however, Trump will have to re-instate the “Republic”. The bankrupt government services corporations have over stepped their authority and that TRUTH is coming out big time thanks to Judge Anna and everyone becoming aware of their Treasury Accounts and how to claim them. Jack and Jill America are waking up and expect a whole host of carpet baggers opening shop to fill in “Your Claim Forms” (and take a percentage). This will be unstoppable once it starts cascading.

The announcement of the return to the Republic will trigger the downfall of the FED, (IMF) Treasury and all the Federal corporatized departments and State of States corporate sub-franchises. Huge house cleaning will have to occur. (This is already underway as Budget cuts are wiping out useless federal programs. Expect pay cuts for the remaining federal employees too.) Bankruptcy makes this all unavoidable.

Trump will have to clearly explain the real situation to the American public at some point. The best way is to keep spreading these truths over the Internet. Get it out there! The new Federalist Papers in every American’s hands. Make as much noise as possible! Trump just needs to say “No Comment” initially then “I have been advised that there is some truth there.” Use Sessions, Piero and Judges to front the cases. Push it in the alternative media.

As this scenario plays out the EAST will have to make some critical economic and financial adjustments. Firstly, the so called Elder backing of the French owned “NEW Republic” is dead. General Dumbturd will not be the President of THAT nor will he ever be able to bring forth the dejure Republic. Trump is the real President of the Republic as elected.

The EAST still needs the US as a trading partner as their holdings in US Dollars would be lost if that situation is not maintained. Simply, the Elders will have to back the (non-IMF) Treasury US Dollar with gold. That can only happen if the Republic is fully reinstated…..and is an absolute condition that must be adhered to prior to any release of backing. Other terms and conditions may also be applied.

The EAST need to know who they are legally contracting with and a bankrupt corporation is NOT a viable alternative. A new federal government services corporation owned by AMERICANS via their States is a viable answer and the EAST should insist on such. This is what you tell Trump.


The Federal Government will always be a corporate (Law of the Sea) based service providers of the 19 stated services defined by the Constitution. That is its charter and limitations. It is time to have a service provider that is American owned as all the foreign providers have fraudulently abused the American people for far too long.

King Farouk

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